The World Cup has come to an end. The camping lot is clearing out, and the results have been decided. Stay tuned for more content in the coming days and weeks. For now, here are the results.

MK1 Thun Results

  1. Nick Troutman, Canada
  2. Stephen Wright, USA
  3. Peter Csonka, Slovakia
  4. Mathieu Dumoulin, France
  5. Dustin Urban, USA

MK1 World Cup Results

  1. Peter Csonka, Slovakia
  2. Nick Troutman, Canada
  3. Dustin Urban, USA

WK1 Thun Results

  1. Emily Jackson, USA
  2. Mariann Saether, Norway
  3. Ruth Gordon, Canada

WK1 World Cup Results

  1. Emily Jackson, USA
  2. Ruth Gordon, Canada
  3. Fiona Jarvie, Great Britain

MJK1 Thun Results

  1. Jason Craig, USA
  2. Sebastien Devred, France
  3. Dane Jackson, USA

MJK1 World Cup Results

  1. Sebastien Devred, France
  2. Jason Craig, USA
  3. Michael Palmer, USA