South Main Kayak Team’s Dustin Urban is second in the World Cup standings going into preliminaries in Thun, Switzerland today. He trails Peter Csonka of Slovakia by 15 points:

MK1 WC Standings

WK1 WC Standings

WK1 Prelims Results


In the women’s class, Emily Jackson holds the lead with Ruth Gordon and Fiona Jarvie on her heels in 2nd and 3rd place. Ruth finished preliminaries yesterday in 1st, Fiona is in 2nd and Emily is currently in 3rd.



K1JM Prelims Results

K1JM WC Standings


Junior prelims took place yesterday. Sebastien Devred of France, who is currently leading the Junior Men in World Cup standings, is in first going into semifinals.



We managed to escape to the mountains yesterday to take in the dramatic scenery. We drove to the alpine town of Grindelwald which sits at roughly 3,000 feet. Just miles away the highest mountains rise to over 13,000 feet. The 10,000-foot difference in elevation between the valley and the peaks makes for one of the most dramatic alpine settings I have witnessed. Here’s a gallery of the adventure.



Thun, Switzerland… what an unbelievable place this is. Nestled at the western outlet of a glacial blue lake called the Thunersee and just across the valley from Interlaken and the heart of the Swiss Alps, Thun is unlike any other place I have seen. Simon and his crew have the gates from the weir dialed in just right to create an aquamarine wave with enough foam to make most wave moves possible. The wave is right in the heart of this idyllic city full of action and friendly people. To top it all off, the weather has been gorgeous with plenty of warm sun.

Competition begins tomorrow with many classes running through preliminaries. Men’s K1 begins on Friday. Stay tuned!

South Main Kayak Team’s Dustin Urban has brought home the gold in the 2nd World Cup event in Augsburg, Germany. He is now in 2nd in the overall World Cup standings going into the final event in Thun, Switzerland. Peter Csonka of Slovakia finished second and Eric Jackson of the US took home the bronze. 

In the women’s class, Emily Jackson of the US finished 1st, Ruth Gordon of Canada claimed the silver, and Maria Lindgren of Sweden took the bronze.


We’re seeing some rain here in Augsburg, but the sun showed its face for the much of the Men’s quarter final this morning. It was an exciting round. Each competitor took three rides and dropped their lowest score. Here are the standings going into top 10 at 6:30PM here in Europe. 

Men's K1 Quarter Final Results


Official Women’s results are hard to come by, but Ruth Gordon is in 1st after semis, Nina from Slovakia is in 2nd, Emily Jackson is in 4th (I believe), and I heard that Fiona from Great Britain made the cut. More to come soon. 

Schedule of Events

Day 1 in Augsburg is complete. Men cut to 20 to today. Dustin Urban made the quarter finals in good standing. Fortunately, Jed Selby just made it under the wire. Peter Csonka continues to throw down, while Stephen Wright said of his rides “You just saw a hobbit fly!” Tomorrow women’s prelims take place first thing and Junior Men have semis. Men’s K1 has quarter and semifinals tomorrow, cutting to 5 by the end of the day.  

Men’s K1 Results:                          Men’s C1:                              Men’s K1 Junior:








After a few days of practice, the traveling road show known as the Freestyle Kayaking World Cup has begun the 2nd competition, here in Augsburg, Germany. The whitewater course here winds through a beautiful park of terraced grass with plenty of shade trees. The weather has been beautiful with little rain and some hot, sunny days. 

Men’s prelims are currently in progress and will last for another couple hours. As of the first six heats, Stephen right was in 1st, Eric Jackson in 2nd and South Main Kayak Team’s Dustin Urban in third. 

The mood at the venue is festive with river people from across the world mingling and cheering on the competitors. Affordable beer and food along with entertaining commentary from Arnd Schaftlein are keeping the party going. Check back soon for photos and (eventually) video of the event.

1. Peter Csonka, Slovakia

2. Nick Troutman, Canada

3. Mathieu Dumoulin, France

4. Eric Jackson, USA

5. Dustin Urban, USA

1. Fiona Jarvie, Great Britain

2. Emily Jackson, USA

3. Ruth Gordon, Canada

4. Jutta Kaiser, Germany

5. Adriene Levknecht, USA

Well, the sun has finally emerged here in Prague, lifting spirits as the international paddling community overcomes its collective hangover. The party went off last night following the semis under the lights, with an awesome DJ and accompanying vocalist keeping the energy level high. We’re gearing up for finals now as the remaining paddlers in each class duke it out for the top spots and points standing going into the remaining World Cup events. In the meantime, here’s a photo gallery of the event and the city for you to enjoy.

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